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Common Name

Ginkgo; Maidenhair Tree

Taxonomic Classification

Ginkgoaceae family

Drug Uses

Utilized as a vasodilator to help improve cognitive function/Alzheimer's disease, reduction of cerebral ischemia during stroke, reduce varicose conditions, as a treatment for Reynauds syndrome and as an aid for peripheral blood flow. Ginkgo biloba preparations also have displayed activity as an antioxidant, antidepressant, hepatoprotective agent, platelet activating factor (PAF) antagonist, and anti-inflammatory agent.

Enzyme Information

Enzyme NameEC NoGenbank AccessionGI No

Entries in Genbank

dbEST/(Kb) dbGSS/(Kb) dbPLN/(Kb) dbHTG/(Kb) Total Entriesa/(Kb)

aThe Total Entries column is the sum of the entries from the dbEST, dbGSS, dbPLN, and dbHTG columns. Data retrieved from NCBI on May 14 2010.

Transcript Assemblies

    DatabaseCurrent VersionBuild DateSeqs AssembledTotal AssembliesOriginal Fasta
    PlantGDB PUTs169a 2009-01-21213330Download

    Transcript assemblies data current as of May 17 2010.

    Cloned Genes

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    Pubmed Records

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